Buying real estate is a game of stacking. There’s a golden rule we often discuss with home buyers throughout the Treasure Valley area… If you can’t afford what you want now, the best way to get there is to buy what you CAN afford, improve it, then sell it and buy MORE real estate.

OR…Instead of selling it, our particular favorite and what we’ve personally done…
After remodeling the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, paint, etc… If the numbers make sense, rent it out! We bought our first two homes with the end goal in mind that we’d be putting renters in when it was time for us to level up.

Rinse + Repeat

It’s really that simple! If you do this a few times, you will slowly but surely become closer to your goal of three things— financial freedom, increasing your net worth & growing rich while you sleep.

Was our first home our dream home? Absolutely not, however we were moving out of a tiny 900 sq ft condo in the heart of Downtown Boise so we were both VERY excited to have more space. So often we see buyers get hung up with the idea their first home needs to be perfect. And often times they miss out on some really great opportunities waiting for that “perfect home”

If you’ve been considering buying your first home, selling your current house, or expanding your portfolio, we are here to help! We happily offer no obligation complimentary consultations to go over everything to expect.

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