MIDDLETON, IDAHO – Middleton is an authentic Idaho farm town, only 45-minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown Boise. Middleton has a small-town culture where horses and farmland are the norms, and getting directions to the best old-fashioned ice cream shake seems like a natural conversation.

People choose Middleton for its charm and reasonably priced property. Buying acreage is more affordable, and many older homes in Middleton come with land, barns, and outbuildings. And while the town hasn’t escaped the urban growth the Treasure Valley has seen in recent years, it remains a small town of more than 9,000 residents, retaining its rural feel and down-home hospitality. Purchasing acreage and building your dream home can quickly become a reality here.


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Family is a big deal in Middleton, so the school district is one of the best in the valley. Showing their commitment to the future of Middleton and its children, the city built a new high school that is one of the most elite in the state of Idaho concerning technology and safety. The small student-to-teacher ratio gives kids one-on-one attention typically only provided in a more expensive private-school education.

The parks in this rural community rival those of larger neighboring cities. This town is so committed to family recreation that it has two parks departments—the City of Middleton Parks & Pathways Department and the Greater Middleton Parks & Recreation Department.

The City of Middleton owns four beautiful parks in this small town. Piccadilly Park is the largest park. Throughout the summer, it hosts a farmer’s market, offers an interactive splash pad, and features a new, progressive Grindline Skatepark, attracting locals and visitors to this top- of-the-line skatepark.

Dedicated to developing and preserving open space in this scenic country town, Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation Department offers free movies at Foote Park throughout the summer. Middleton may be the most modest small-town city in the Treasure Valley area, but it’s big on heart, family, and community.